Our Business

Our Primary Business

The core business of Guess & Co. Corporation is re-developing every aspect of a community in the United States or abroad resulting in a complete revitalization of the city. We look for opportunities in Rural America, Urban America and Emerging Markets in which we can work with the public and private sector to develop viable and long-term solutions to address the community’s challenges (e.g. poverty, unemployment, violence, disease outbreaks). Employing our business units, we put together an all-encompassing package that results in sustainable economic growth and an enhanced quality of life for the residents. In this regard, Guess & Co. Corporation is the hybrid of a for-profit company and a humanitarian aid organization.

Our Secondary Business

The secondary business of Guess & Co. Corporation is using our individual business companies within their respective units to sell products and services that provide on-going solutions to public and private sector customers. We seek to be a long-term contractor that takes a partnership approach with our customers to develop solutions for their business that they can rely on. This objective is driven by government contract opportunities at the local, state and federal level and across the procurement departments of private sector entities including corporations, educational institutions and non-profits. Our team has the necessary credentials for government contracting opportunities including top-secret/SCI security clearance.

Guess & Co. Corporation's four business units operate through subsidiary companies. Those units are as follows:

      Energy Group 

  • Electric Power
  • Nuclear Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Drilling & Exploration 

      Industrial Group 

  • Infrastructure Development/Reconstruction
  • Technology
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Software Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing

      Health Care Group

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices

     Real Estate Group 

  • Retail Properties
  • Office Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Sports Arena Properties
  • Hospitality Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Master-Planned Community Properties
  • Medical Properties